Finesse Skateboards Visits Roberts Family Branch

Finesse Skateboards recently visited the Ron Roberts Family Branch in Linda Vista. The company talked with the kids and handed out “Tech Decks” as well as raffling off a skateboard, DVDs, stickers and T-Shirts. Thank you to Finesse Skateboards for being a part of changing lives. Visit Finesse by clicking here.  
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Breanna Long Named Sulpizio Family Branch YOY

Breanna Long has been named the Sulpizio Family Branch Youth of the Year. She has attended the Club for the last four years.  Breanna, who is in fifth grade, likes talking with the staff and doing art projects while at the Club. Her favorite memory at the Club was during a Halloween when she dressed up […]
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Hannah Singler Named Hidden Valley X-Track YOY

Hannah Singler has been named the Hidden Valley X-Track Youth of the Year. She is in the 8th grade at Hidden Valley Middle School and has been participating in the X-track program for three years. Hannah has been Junior Leader for all three years and has been a very dedicated member who is always willing […]
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Mission Moment: Academic Success May Lead To Wall Street

Mission Moment – “Academic Success Could Lead To Wall Street” From The William J. Oakes Branch Kenia’s Story William J. Oakes Branch member Kenia Valente took the Club’s academic success program to heart and now it has paid off for her. A self-described math-wiz, she knew the path to her future was leading her to […]
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