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20 Water Conversation Tips For Kids – You Can Make Difference!

Did you know that kids can make a very important difference towards water conservation? But first off, why do we even need to know about conserving water? Water is a natural resource that we derive from the Earth. Without it, we would not be able to live! Imagine a world with no water at all. […]
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BGCGSD Post-It Note

BGCGSD Post-It Note: What You Become In Life
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National Boys & Girls Club Week

National Boys & Girls Club Week is a chance to learn about your neighborhood Club and how it supports kids and your community. Thousands of Clubs throughout the United States, its territories and on U.S. military installations around the world open their doors to help youth find their great futures. Through fun, educational and innovative […]
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15 Facts that Seem Fake

-The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is almost 100%. -If a piece of paper were folded 42 times, it would reach to the moon. -Turtles can breath out of their butts. -You can’t hum while holding your nose. -It rains diamonds […]
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