Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego.
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Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dies

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate whose novels and short stories exposed tens of millions of readers to Latin America’s passion, superstition, violence and inequality, died at home in Mexico City around midday, according to people close to his family. He was 87. Widely considered the most popular Spanish-language writer since Miguel de Cervantes in […]
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Why Is Tax Day On April 15

April 15 is called Tax Day in the U.S. because this is the date selected by the U.S. Federal government on which income taxes need to be filed.  This has been the case since 1955, and mid-April has become the known deadline for income tax filing.  In the case when April 15 falls on a […]
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Lunar Eclipse Creates A Blood Moon

The moon is shown in eclipse from Los Angeles
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) — Parts of the world saw a rare celestial event on Tuesday when the Earth’s shadow fell across the moon, turning it orange. The lunar eclipse unfolded over three hours beginning at about 2 a.m. EDT, when the moon began moving into Earth’s shadow. A little more than an hour later, the moon […]
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